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Understanding Where to Improve

Understanding your workforce’s knowledge and ability to perform at the desired level is no easy task. It is an analysis of job skill and knowledge levels targeting a specific job category and focusing on tasks that affect your employees’ job performance. In today’s business environment you want to equip your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to maximize their performance – creating more value to your company and a motivated workforce.

Training Advisor Video

VIDEO: Learn how our Training Advisor tool can be a valuable asset to identify employee skill gaps and where to best invest your training dollars.

Training Advisor

An online assessment tool to help you determine the knowledge of your work force and to build a tailored training plan.

Training Advisor is the perfect online assessment tool when you need to learn more about your work force in a short amount of time. When the skills and knowledge gaps hindering production performance are recognized, you can create a training strategy to maximize job performance and effectiveness.

With Training Advisor, you customize online assessments in areas based on job tasks that are performed specifically by your work force. Assessments can be given to groups of individuals with like job responsibilities, from which you'll be able to view the results and identify areas for potential training.

  • Controllers
  • Networks
  • Motion Control
  • Drives Control
  • Safety
  • Visualization
  • Process Control
  • General Industrial Control (Electrical and Pneumatic)

Along with the results and recommendations, you will receive the following to help you justify the training investment of your employees:

  • Individual training plans
  • Group standard and tailored training plans
  • Course descriptions
  • Prioritized list of training needs