Training Assessments

Understanding Where to Improve

Understanding your workforce’s knowledge and ability to perform at the desired level is no easy task. It is an analysis of job skill and knowledge levels targeting a specific job category and focusing on tasks that affect your employees’ job performance. In today’s business environment you want to equip your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to maximize their performance – creating more value to your company and a motivated workforce.

An Integrated Performance Assessment and Training Advisor are two offerings to help you evaluate where skills and/or knowledge needs are and how to fill those gaps.


Training AssessmentsDo any of these statements hold true for you?

  • Workforce skill gaps are contributing to downtime and you need create a development plan
  • Productivity is down and you need to identify instances of workforce impact
  • You are not sure what kind of training is required for your employees to perform at an optimum level. Product-level? System-level?
  • Given cutbacks, you need to maximize your training budget as much as possible

An integrated performance assessment is a comprehensive analysis of employee job skill and knowledge levels of automation and control equipment for specific jobs and tasks (maintenance, programming, etc.). It also includes supporting information and recommendations to improve employees' performance while remaining closely aligned to your company's business and training goals.

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