Network & Security Services

Bringing you a unique blend of expertise in both the IT and industrial automation spaces, we provide you with a holistic approach to managing your network infrastructure and security throughout the entirety of its lifecycle.

Enhanced With Partnerships

Rockwell Automation brings together internal consulting resources with world class partnerships to enhance the suite of product and service offerings.  By partnering with Panduit, Cisco, vMware, Microsoft and others, Rockwell Automation becomes a one stop shop for your industrial networking needs, saving you time and offering you one number to call for support.

Global Expertise

Rockwell Automation has the ability to provide expertise where you are, with resources strategically located around the globe. Network and Security Services Consultants and TechConnect℠ support have a broad range of certified personnel on staff.


Network & Security Services

  • Assess
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Validate
  • Monitor & Maintain

AssessAssessments are the starting point of any program implementation. Assessments evaluate your current conditions and highlight any issues you need to address to get you where you want to be. An assessment is the first step to prevent or fix network and security issues. Assessments are performed by evaluating current status, documenting design or implementation issues and offering resolutions, as well as provide information about potential problems that could result in future unplanned downtime or security breaches.

Available assessment levels:

  • Standard Assessment
  • Comprehensive Assessment