Asset Management

Manage and Maximize Facility Assets

VIDEO: Widgets R Us successfully reduces its MRO spend and increases uptime through improved asset management practices.

Today, you're expected to do more with less. To help meet your key performance indicators and profitability goals, a proven game plan is key.

As a manufacturer, you require flexible, scalable asset management solutions for the entire plant floor. We use a four-step process to create a customized asset management strategy that will help you avoid downtime, ease staffing burdens and get back online quickly with minimal impact on production.

Rockwell Automation offers holistic, scalable asset optimization solutions tailored to your specific needs. From individual, vendor-agnostic product repairs to comprehensive storeroom, spare parts and repair management solutions, the Rockwell Automation asset management portfolio helps enhance the performance of your entire production environment.

  • Four-Step Process
  • Savings Potential

We partner with you to help you understand and prioritize your issues. Our strategic maintenance consultative approach enables data-driven decisions, and the implementation of solutions that extend the lifecycle of your assets.


Step 1: Evaluate — The first step in cost reduction is an assessment of your current processes for MRO inventory management and maintenance needs. It is also vital to assess your installed base of automation equipment and spares inventory.


Step 2: Design — Identify process efficiencies and areas to improve inventory and production issues, which may include:

  • Storeroom management redesign
  • MRO process management redesign
  • Reporting and dashboard creation
  • Inventory rationalization and reduction
  • Equipment migration prioritization
  • Preventive maintenance prioritization

Step 3: Implement — Implement ROI-driven processes that will improve productivity, lower costs and enable financial predictability.

Measure & Optimize

Step 4: Measure & Optimize — Use measurementand dashboard reporting tools to drive continuous improvement, helping you meet business goals such as improved regulatory compliance, faster time to market and reduced production costs.