RAAMP – MRO Demand Management

Reduce Plant Floor Demand and Improve Maintenance Decisions

Your goal is to reduce costs on the plant floor, increase productivity and reduce risk. The Rockwell Automation® Asset Management Program™ is a portfolio of global services and proven methodologies with high-quality process improvement and inventory optimization at its core.

Using web-based reporting, an on-site Asset Management Professional collaborates with your team to manage your repair process, improve reliability and reduce inventory and obsolescence risk.

By implementing a RAAMP program, you will have access to a one year in-service warranty (extended warranty available) and monthly transactional and financial reports on all assets. These reports include warranty and asset tracking, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and ROI reporting.

Your Asset Management Professional will help you:

  • Reduce maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) costs through demand management processes
  • Manage and optimize spares
  • Identify opportunities for standardization
  • Help reduce common mode failures
  • Reduce the number of repairs
  • Minimize repair turn-around time
  • Gain access to reliability consulting

With over 15 years implementing RAAMP programs at customer sites, Rockwell Automation has documented hundreds of millions of dollars in combined annual cost savings for our customers.