RAAMP – MRO Process Management

Excess spares, unmanaged storerooms, and inefficient MRO processes make it a challenge to establish a stable production environment and maintenance budget. To help you improve your MRO process management, we offer the Rockwell Automation Asset Management Program™. This service provides a proven methodology to repair your assets, which includes optimizing your inventory and simplifying your transactions through a single point of contact for all repairs.

By implementing a RAAMP program, you will have special access to a one year in-service warranty and consolidated asset reports, which include: warranty and asset tracking, repair spend and ROI. Combined, these benefits help lengthen your product lifecycle and increase your Return On Net Assets (RONA) and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Your RAAMP program is implemented by an on-site Asset Management Professional (AMP), who will work to help optimize your spare parts inventory and simplify your repair transactions.

Your AMP will provide:

  • Warranty tracking to identify if failed equipment is under warranty
  • Asset tracking using bar code technology
  • Consolidated asset reports (warranty and asset tracking, repair spend and ROI)
  • Reliability reporting using proprietary software to document repair failure trends and drive corrective actions
  • One year, in-service warranty

Your AMP will also help you:

  • Reduce maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) costs
  • Manage obsolescence
  • Identify opportunities for standardization
  • Flag common mode failures
  • Improve maintenance decisions with accurate data