Licensed Developers


Contact us with questions about technology licensing (not for product support or software licenses/activations)

Providing Access to Rockwell Automation Technology

Technology Licensing Hand Shake

From chip sets and circuit boards to knowledge and know-how, Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc., can provide the design expertise and enabling technology to embed into your products to create the solutions customers require.

Whether connecting to the Rockwell Automation architecture, acquiring a license for hardware or software technologies, or purchasing components, our technology licensing program will meet your global needs.

Developer How-To Guides

What you need to know to develop your custom driver or interface to Rockwell Automation systems. Developer How-To Guides and resources are designed to help you create your own solution.

Services and Support

Get your product to market faster by utilizing the many resources available through technology licensing.

eTraining Classroom

Understand and apply the fundamentals of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). This cost-effective alternative to off-site training can help speed and streamline product development while reducing the opportunity costs typically associated with technical training.