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Quickly locate products that solve your application challenges.

Quickly Locate Products That Solve Your Application Challenges

To be the best in your industry, you need to align yourself with companies that are the best in their industries. Through Encompass™, our third-party product referencing program, you can quickly locate the products that best solve your application challenges.

Use the search tool to sort and filter products in your region that can provide connectivity to the Rockwell Automation architecture, or are used in conjunction with our products.

New Encompass Partners

Partner DetailsRegion Link
Aparian develops innovative solutions for the industrial automation market. They deliver robust products that are simple and intuitive to integrate. Aparian's expertise includes communication and fieldbus gateways, ControlLogix & CompactLogix module development and the authoring of DTMs. Americas
VEGA - Innovative Support Services, Inc.  provides converters for interfacing to synchro/resolvers, inductosyn scales and variable reluctance devices (field directors) for position/motion control and commutation purposes. The output of the converters are available in several formats including: Encoder (A-Quad-B), SSI, and Hall Effect.   Vega's products include a K6500 resolver to digital converter with simulated Hall Effect for motors with thermistors and thermal switches. Americas

Encompass Partner New Products

Partner DetailsRegionPartner Profile
DENSO Robotics’ latest RC8 robot controller features a built-in I/O command-slave function that allows DENSO robots to be controlled directly by Rockwell Automation PLCs or PACs. The I/O command-slave function makes it easy for users to program and operate the robots from within their familiar PLC or PAC environment, without having to learn a specialized programming language. The compact, high-speed robots are used in traditional manufacturing sectors, and in advanced-technology applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences. Americas
Hardy Process Solutions announces free Faceplates and Add On Instructions (AOIs) designed for FactoryTalk® View. Hardy’s pre-programmed and pre-tested Faceplates/AOIs make use of tags for controllers and graphics for HMIs, which can reduce GUI development time by 50 to 90%. Now manufacturers can configure, commission, operate and display weigh scale module information without writing a single line of code. Global
Hardy Process Solutions introduces the HI 6500-XP Extreme Weight Processor, an EtherNet/IP® enabled weight processor that can process and output 300 updates per second of processed (stable) weight. Global
HMS Industrial Networks Acquires eWON. Encompass Product Partner HMS Industrial Networks has acquired the Belgium-
based company  and Encompass Partner, eWON, a manufacturer of intelligent Internet-based remote access
OWL Computing Technologies has written a follow-on response to the US Department of Homeland Security's  whitepaper that offers guidance outlining seven strategies to protect ICSs.  Within the Owl paper you will learn how Owl deploys product solutions that meet all seven strategies, and how the Owl products also deploy all seven strategies within their products. Americas
Softing announces a new 1799 Embedded I/O modue.  The Softing 1799 Embedded I/O module offers an off-the-shelf solution for OEM machinery and conveyor applications. These board-level products allow you to buy just what is needed for an optimum I/O system connected via DeviceNet. For OEMs who have traditionally used internal engineering resources for customized I/O development, these components provide a cost-effective alternative. Space saving Softing 1799 Embedded I/O modules can be quickly incorporated into your machines' mechanical design cycle, saving you valuable engineering and manufacturing time. Global
The ProSoft Technology Industrial Hotspot now features SNMP support for IT professionals. On the OT side, the radio's new EtherNet/IP™-embedded object and Modbus ® agent support allows users to get radio diagnostics into their PAC or PLC where the data can be analyzed and acted upon, helping to reduce downtime. The radios now also feature UltraFast access point switchover times of less than 10 ms, which is ideal for automated storage-retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, and automotive skillet lines. Global
ProSoft Technology offers a new Enhanced Automated Flow Computer for ControlLogix® systems that helps users simplify their operation and optimize their oil production. The liquid and gas flow computer allows many customers to use a single in-chassis module and avoid the multiple RTUs and standalone flow computers that were previously the norm on multi-well pad sites. Global
Spectrum Controls introduces a new Universal Analog PowerFlex® 750 Series Option Card.  The 8-channel Universal Analog option card extends the flexibility and functionality of your drive systems by offering eight configurable analog inputs.  The analog inputs support voltage, current, RTD, and resistance.  Mix and match your input types to reduce the load on your PLC system and allow your PowerFlex drive to be fully standalone. Global
Symantec and Rockwell Automation published a whitepaper on solutions to help protect against attacks in industrial control systems. Global
Knowledgebase seminars for their referenced products:    
Softing delivered a presentation discussing  various architectures with ControlLogix and options for connecting to OPC and OPC UA systems, including OPC UA background, ControlLogix connection via OPC UA Server module, and Module characteristics including advanced data support. Global
New partner addition in Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture Builder:    
SMC's EtherNet/IP pneumatic valve interfaces EX260-SEN1/2/3/4 and EX600-SEN3/4 can now be selected in IAB. Global
New AOP (Add-On-Profiles) have been released for the following Encompass Partners:    
Endress+Hauser Liquiline System CA80xx and Liquistation CSFxx process intruments analytics products and SWG70 wireless HART gateway device. Global
Itoh Denki's IB-E03 (4 amp) and IB-E04 (7 amp) are 2-Zone Network Drive Cards that can control 2 motorized rollers Americas

Encompass Partner Regional Expansion

Partner DetailsRegionPartner Profile
ACP ThinManager® has been a Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner in the Americas since 2015. They are a global leader in industrial thin client and mobility solutions.  Purpose-built for the plant floor, ThinManager is a powerful, yet simple content delivery and device management platform.  Relevance® delivers on the promise of industrial mobility by enabling content delivery to mobile devices based on their location. The company has recently been added to the EMEA program.
Americas Europe
Cape Software provides software and services that help test the client’s next automation project.  By providing a simulation that can be used as a “practice plant”, the user can test all the functionality of the automation logic against a simulated plant that provides proper dynamic responses at the I/O level.   Flexible, easy to use, and non-intrusive to your logic, VP Link has been deployed in almost every process industry segment in its 26 year history.  Both batch and continuous applications are typically paired with a VP Link simulation to prove a new automation system will work right out of the box.  Cape Software, an Americas partner, has recently been added to the EMEA region. Americas Europe
STOBER Drives, an Americas partner since 2008, expanded its membership to the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.  The STOBER Drives precision gear boxes and servo motors can be found in Rockwell Automation Motion Analyzer tools. Global