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Quickly locate products that solve your application challenges.

Quickly Locate Products That Solve Your Application Challenges

To be the best in your industry, you need to align yourself with companies that are the best in their industries. Through Encompass, our third-party product referencing program, you can quickly locate the products that best solve your application challenges.

Use the search tool to sort and filter products in your region that can provide connectivity to the Rockwell Automation architecture, or are used in conjunction with our products.


Encompass Partner New Products

Partner DetailsRegionPartner Profile
The Ampcontrol ELV earth leakage relay is a high performance wide bandwidth earth leakage protection solution which is typically used for downstream earth leakage protection of individual three (3) phase power outlets supplying loads connected via trailing / reeling cables. Asia Pacific
Apex Dynamics has added a planetary gearbox solution, the PIIR Series, which features spur planetary/spiral bevel gears. Global
FLIR has obtained ODVA certification for their new compact AX8 thermal imaging sensor, which is ideal for continuous in-cabinet/panel condition and safety monitoring. Due to the AX8’s EtherNet/IP connectivity, it can easily share process data and alarms to a PLC. Americas
KTR offers a new line of mechanical couplers. The Countex is a three piece, backlash-free shaft coupling. Americas
Mettler Toledo recently released a new EtherNet/IP weighing terminal designed for both process control and manual weighing. The IND570 features a custom Add On Profile and a broad offering of functions to manage weighing applications. Global
Metso added a new digital valve controller from its NELES line, the ND7000. The ND7000 is a 4–20 mA powered microcontroller-based digital valve controller. The device contains a Local User Interface (LUI) enabling local configuration.Mettler Toledo recently released a new EtherNet/IP weighing terminal designed for both process control and manual weighing. The IND570 features a custom Add On Profile and a broad offering of functions to manage weighing applications. Americas, Europe
The Powerit Solutions “Spara Go” is a fast, low-cost way to get started with demand management for systems integrators and experienced facility engineers who need to manage smaller, less energy-intensive industrial facilities or commercial building and campus applications of any size. Americas
RFIdeas added the new pcProx Sonar, a hands-free automatic computer locking presence sensor that works with their security access readers. Americas
Ross Controls offers the L-O-X valve, which is a manual pneumatic energy isolation valve used to meet Lockout requirements for machinery. Global
SMC Corporation added a new Electro-Pneumatic Regulator (ITV Series) that provides stepless control of air pressure via DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP. Global

Encompass Partner Regional Expansion

Partner DetailsRegionPartner Profile
eWON - a Belgian manufacturer of industrial routers and the designer of Talk2M, an innovative cloud-based remote access service. Since 2001, eWON has become a leading player in the market for intelligent internet-based remote access routers, and works with manufacturers of PLCs and automation systems throughout the world. In addition to its Headquarters in Nivelles (Belgium), eWON is also represented by offices in Pittsburgh (USA) and Tokyo (Japan) and has expanded into the Encompass Americas Region. Americas, Europe
POSITAL Fraba - designs and markets sensors for high precision industrial angle and displacement detection applications. Products include LINARIX linear displacement sensors, TILTIX inclinometers, and IXARC explosion proof rotary sensors and programmable potentiometers. POSITAL FRABA has been an Encompass partner in the Americas and Asia-Pacific for more than 5 years. With the addition of the EMEA region to the program, POSITAL FRABA has now reached global status. Global
SMC Corporation - gained Global status in the Encompass program by joining the Asia-Pacific region. SMC manufactures pneumatic valve technologies for control network solutions, serial Interface units: EX500, EX600, EX250 and EX260 used in automation systems in Common Industrial Protocols (CIP) EtherNet™, EtherNet I/P™, DeviceNet™ and ControlNet™, and pneumatic valves for machine safety applications. Global


Encompass Partner News

Partner DetailsRegion Link
Rockwell Automation TechED 2015 offers 19 Encompass Partner Technical Sessions. Global

Encompass partners offer knowledgebase seminars for their referenced product

  • HMS Industrial Networks AB delivered the May 2015 Webinar: IoT: Short Range Wireless for Industrial Application.
  • ProSoft Technology delivered the June 2015 Webinar: Connecting Non-CIP Devices into the Rockwell Automation Environment.
Mecco Marking & Traceability has a new partner profile available on Rockwell Automation literature Library.