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Quickly locate products that solve your application challenges.

Quickly Locate Products That Solve Your Application Challenges

To be the best in your industry, you need to align yourself with companies that are the best in their industries. Through Encompass™, our third-party product referencing program, you can quickly locate the products that best solve your application challenges.

Use the search tool to sort and filter products in your region that can provide connectivity to the Rockwell Automation architecture, or are used in conjunction with our products.

New Encompass Partners

Partner DetailsRegion Link
De-Sta-Co Camco joined the Encompass™ program for their indexing table products.  De-Sta-Co Camco is also a Rockwell Automation OEM partner. Americas
Dialight offers indoor and outdoor LED lighting that communicates over EtherNet/IP protocol.  Applications include warehouse, garage, aisle, cold storage, bridge, tunnel and general area lighting. Americas
Prozess Technologie offers process analyzers tied to EtherNet/IP for in-line spectroscopy measurement in the Chemical, Food & Beverage, and Life Sciences industries. Americas

Encompass Partner New Products

Partner DetailsRegionPartner Profile
Advanced Micro Controls Inc. released a significant expansion of their SMD (stepper+motor+drive) product family that includes DLR topology, SynchroStep™ technology, IP67 rated versions, gearboxes, NEMA size 23 & 24 size packages, and compatible cord sets. Global
Hammond Power Solutions has expanded their product offering to include transformers that are compliant with new Canadian and U.S. DOE standards. Americas, Europe
Helm Instrument has introduced an enhanced function on their weigh scale input modules for the ControlLogix® and  CompactLogix™ platforms. Models HM1756-WM and HM1525 now feature 18-bit resolution and faster update times of 1 millesecond for the HM1756-WM and 2 millesconds for the HM1525. Global
SeQent introduced Wi-Fi Messenger, a self-contained messaging system that allows smartphones to deliver messages without a public carrier. Americas
Spectrum Controls announces the addition of their new, full-color InView Industrial Message Display, 3x brighter while only consuming half the power. Global
TCI introduced 2 versions of their Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks during Automation Fair 2015.  Fixed and automatic versions are now available. Americas

Encompass Partner Regional Expansion

Partner DetailsRegionPartner Profile
Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH, a partner since 2003, is among the leading providers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology with AS-Interface.  They have recently been added to the Americas program and now have Global partner status. Global
Grace Engineered Products, Inc., a partner since 1998 provides personnel safety products including programming interface ports for controllers, SafeSide® Permanent Electrical Safety Devices and IR Viewing Windows.  They have been added to the EMEA region and are now a global partner. Global
STOBER Drives, an Americas partner since 2008, expanded its membership to the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.  The STOBER Drives precision gear boxes and servo motors can be found in Rockwell Automation Motion Analyzer tools. Global