Safety Technology

Leading Supplier of Industrial Safety

Our innovative safety products and solutions improve the functional operation of your machinery while helping to increase personnel safety, efficiency and productivity. We offer one the broadest safety portfolios in the industry to help you achieve both safety and productivity goals in process and discrete manufacturing applications.

  • Machinery Safety - Innovative safety solutions can enhance the functional operation of machinery to help improve safety, productivity, and reduce waste.
  • Process Safety - Over 40 years of experience providing process safety solutions to satisfy cost, safety integrity level (SIL 1,2 and 3), performance, and availability requirements including ESD, F&G, Turbine and Compressor, Combustion Control and CPC.
  • Electrical Safety - See the measures you can take to reduce the risk of an arc flash occurrence, and reduce worker exposure to electrical hazards.
  • Safety Management - Proactive safety management using integrated, state-of-the-art technology delivers a measurable difference to plant performance and profitability.


Safety Products

Safety Connection Systems
Guardmaster® Safety t-ports/splitters, distribution boxes, and shorting plugs are parts of a quick-disconnect system that is dedicated to machine safety.
Safety Drives & Motors
Safety options can help reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.
Safety Input/Output (I/O) Modules
Our Guard I/O™ Safety products provide all the advantages of traditional distributed I/O for safety systems.
Safety Motion Control
Our Safety Servo Drive products are designed to help minimize downtime and reduce energy and production waste while helping improve machine operating efficiencies.
Safety Motor Control
Our Safety Motor Control products help reduce the risks associated with the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment.
Safety Programmable Controllers
Our Safety PLC systems bring the benefits of traditional PLC systems to complex safety applications, replacing the hard-wired relay systems normally required to bring automated processes to a safe state.
Safety Push Buttons & Signaling Devices
Push buttons and signaling devices include a broad spectrum of operators.
Safety Relays
Safety Relays check and monitor a safety system and either allow the machine to start or execute commands to stop the machine.
Safety Switches
Our Safety Switches are designed and built to global standards for high reliability, stability, and quality. Safety switches include limit and interlock switches and emergency stop switches.
Presence Sensing Safety Devices
Our Presence Sensing Safety Devices detect the location of objects or personnel near hazardous areas.