Industrial IP Advantage

The Power of Standard, Unmodified Internet Protocol (IP)

The Internet Protocol (IP) encompasses the use of advanced networking technology, infrastructure and practices to create the secure communications fabric necessary to support every device and process within a plant. The end-to-end connectivity allows for improved productivity and operational efficiency that’s possible with seamless communication between devices, processes, systems and people – from the plant floor to the corner office. The Industrial IP Advantage details the technologies, strategies and best practices behind IP and how they can be applied.

As your automation supplier, we have been adopting and advocating the use of a single network technology for control and information – EtherNet/IP. As the deployment of this standard Ethernet and IP network technology grows, manufacturing and process operations are reaping the benefits. By investing in IP technology that is optimized for your entire enterprise you can leverage emerging tools and technologies, such as video cameras, digital tablets and RFID readers, to improve production quality, efficiency as well as support security and energy management initiatives.

The Industrial IP Advantage, founded by Rockwell Automation, Cisco and Panduit, in cooperation with ODVA, is committed to help you understand the business agility and opportunities for innovation that lay in a common IP-centric network infrastructure. The more we can engage with IT and operations professionals to collaborate on best practices, develop use cases, training and supplier information, the sooner IP can start to transform your business.


EtherNet/IP helps to enable secure, real-time information between machines, systems and enterprises so IT and operation professionals can more easily meet their business goals.

Integrated Architecture

Through the convergence of control and information systems, Integrated Architecture delivers plant-wide optimization, machine builder performance, and sustainable production.

Industrial Security

Properly deployed security technology, policies, procedures and behavior help manage risk.

Energy Management

Rockwell Automation solutions for sustainable production address three major corporate sustainability objectives through automation: