Manufacturing Intelligence

Improve Operations by Making Better Use
of the Data You Already Collect

Manufacturing Intelligence strategies leverage a suite of reporting and analysis tools, interfaces and dashboards designed to deliver contextual, localized, role-based information to help you improve your system or process.

Reporting & Analytics

To improve production performance, you need reliable data collection and accurate, streamlined reporting. Our advanced reporting and analytics solutions put data into context, allowing you to more easily monitor the key factors that impact performance, efficiency and quality. Displaying metrics in graphical representations and easy-to-read reports provides powerful insight into performance history that can be used throughout your operations to support continuous improvement.

Dashboards & KPIs

Dashboards provide a simple and graphical way to make key performance indicators (KPIs) visible throughout the enterprise. Our software tools gather data and format it into easy-to-read, customizable dashboards. Presented in highly visual charts and graphs, these dashboards provide localized, role-based information – helping you make better decisions faster.

Manufacturing Energy Management

Understanding critical energy consumption data is required to accurately assess your total production costs. We offer software tools that provide that insight. Using a Web-based system, you can capture, track, report and analyze data to monitor and optimize energy usage. In addition, emissions-monitoring capabilities allow you to take advantage of rebates, energy incentives, off-peak purchasing plans, and other cost savings measures.

Manufacturing Performance & OEE

Performance metrics such as equipment and material use and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) provide critical insight into how well you are managing your production operations. Our manufacturing performance and OEE solutions provide the tools you need to identify specific causes of inefficiency. This allows you to measure or compare the performance of plants, lines, machines or individual production teams.


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