Integrated Architecture

The Convergence of Control and Information for Plant-Wide Optimization and Machine Builder Performance

Through the convergence of control and information systems, Integrated Architecture delivers plantwide optimization, machine builder performance, and sustainable production and serves as a foundation to help you:

  • Improve Productivity with better asset utilization and system performance
  • Promote Globalization with easy access to actionable, plant-wide information
  • Support Sustainability with extended product lifecycles and better asset utilization
  • Cultivate Innovation with increased system flexibility and technical risk mitigation

Built on 5 industry-leading features and 5 core technologies, Integrated Architecture enables end users and machine builders to respond competitively to dynamic demands.

Industry-leading features include:

  • Multiple Disciplines: Functionality for a full range of automation applications with common equipment and standards
  • Scalable Dimensions: Offerings that are right-sized by product, architecture and core multiple discipline functionality
  • EtherNet/IP: A single IT-friendly network for enterprise and industrial applications
  • Real-Time Information: Actionable data shared by your control and business systems
  • Knowledge Integration: Device and system integration designed to maximize and secure your intellectual property

Core technologies include:

  • Logix: Scalable, flexible, programmable automation controllers with a common control engine and development environment
  • Kinetix: World class, high performance motion control
  • Stratix: Scalable network solutions for any application and network requirements
  • View: Visualization products that provide critical real-time data for every industry, application and manufacturing environment
  • PowerFlex: Variable speed motor control for applications from low to medium voltage, simple to complex

Maximize the potential of your production operations with Integrated Architecture - an innovative automation system that offers infinite possibilities for optimizing your plant.

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