Information Software

Visualize. Analyze. Optimize.

The FactoryTalk® information software portfolio enables you to better VISUALIZE, or gain insight into your production operations, ANALYZE sources of inefficiencies, poor quality, or downtime, and provide standardized workflows and procedures to OPTIMIZE production operations.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Information when you need it, the way you want to see it for informed decision making…

Data exists everywhere throughout your operation. Manufacturing Intelligence strategies leverage a suite of reporting and analysis tools, interfaces and dashboards designed to deliver contextual, localized, role-based information to help you improve your system or process.

Manufacturing Operations Management

A standardized approach to Operations Management…

Manufacturing Operations Management provides standardized workflows to operators to ensure the highest possible production quality as well as regulatory compliance. In addition, it offers standard application library suites for common functions in the pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and automotive industries.

Associated Products

FactoryTalk® Vantage Point EMI

FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI provides production information when you need it, the way you want to see it for informed decision making. The software serves as the gateway to data and enables you to explore the wealth of information — viewing web-based reports and KPI dashboards through the VantagePoint EMI portal.

FactoryTalk Metrics

FactoryTalk Metrics is a complete system for efficiency monitoring, root cause failure and equipment event collection, and analysis. This software enables manufacturers to improve production, reduce costs, and increase quality using existing equipment and labor more effectively. This is accomplished through accurate reporting of real plant-floor activity.

FactoryTalk Historian

FactoryTalk Historian is an integrated toolkit for obtaining real-time process and production information. Its enhanced visibility into the full breadth of enterprise data helps you locate and correct sources of inefficiencies quickly, so you can improve consistency, energy use, first-pass quality and other factors that impact your overall production results.

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager

FactoryTalk Transaction Manager is a robust tool to configure and manage mission-critical information exchange between control systems and relational databases. It easily enables collection and storage of production data, complete with write-back verification, and triggers SQL stored procedures enabling the downloading of recipes, production schedules, or other information directly to the control system.

FactoryTalk ProductionCentre

FactoryTalk ProductionCentre enables process sequencing and execution, tracking and genealogy, and interactive manufacturing process control. By synchronizing actionable real-time information across manufacturing methods, materials, manpower and machines, you can improve coordination of multiple production processes — regardless of location.

FactoryTalk AssetCentre

FactoryTalk AssetCentre is a set of asset-centric focused tools to securely and centrally manage your factory and process automation production environments. These tools enable you to secure access to the control system, track users' actions, manage asset configuration files, configure process instruments and provide backup and recovery of operating asset configurations.

Industry Application Suites

The Industry Application Suites are Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software products built upon the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre platform.

Energy Intelligence

FactoryTalk Energy Intelligence empowers end users and machine builders to profitably transform the way they procure, consumer and manage energy. Develop new business opportunities and differentiation by reducing the energy impact of equipment.