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Latest Rockwell Automation Investment in PharmaSuite MES Solution Brings New Performance and Improved Time to Results to the Life Sciences Industry


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    New functionality dramatically  reduces time and effort to define and maintain master recipes, virtually  eliminating paper from the shop floor

MILWAUKEE, June 28,  2012 — Rockwell Automation today announced its latest release of Rockwell Software  PharmaSuite, version 4.0, the next generation of manufacturing execution system  software specifically targeting regulated industries. Leveraging more than 20  years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Rockwell Software PharmaSuite  enhancements set a new standard for lower risk, lower cost and time to results  while meeting the regulatory requirements found in the life sciences industry.  


  “The enhancements to Rockwell Software  PharmaSuite reinforce our commitment to the life sciences industry,” said John  Genovesi, vice president, Information Software and Process Business, Rockwell Automation.  “The new version offers significant performance, usability and deployment advantages  enabling our customers to reduce cost of compliance and improve their  manufacturing capabilities.”


  Rockwell Software PharmaSuite contains  a comprehensive set of functions that address the most common applications,  like dispensing, quality and electronic batch recording. The software suite  allows regulated manufacturers to meet their operational goals and productivity  requirements in a consistent and predictable way. The software tracks material,  equipment and personnel involved in the manufacturing process and maintains a  complete electronic batch record.


  Rockwell Software PharmaSuite is based  on S88 and S95 standards which allows for better integration with other  enterprise systems involved in manufacturing operations. The software suite is built on the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre  platform, proven in multiple installations across different industries and  scales of deployments. It leverages a service-oriented architecture for  cost-effective, flexible deployment and integration with business and  automation systems. Its object-oriented design makes it simple and quick to  build and modify applications, and systematically deploy them across multiple  sites.


  According to Janice Abel, principal consultant  for ARC Advisory Group, “Rockwell Software PharmaSuite offers a comprehensive  solution for the supply chain and manufacturing that can be used for  collaboration and integration to enforce quality and compliance, reduce costs  and increase efficiencies in the life sciences industries.”  


  “From the very beginning of  PharmaSuite development we embarked on a path of relentless innovation in  pursuit of time to results for every user. With every new release we broke  limitations in performance, usability and deployment time previously known in  life science manufacturing execution systems. Release 4.0 takes this tradition  even further with introduction of Intelligent Migration and Modeling Support in  recipe authoring, and extensive enhancements in performance and content  extension capabilities,” said Vladimir Preysman, chief software strategist,  Rockwell Automation. “We are especially proud of our Intelligent Migration  which allows customers in regulated industries to adopt our technology  innovations while minimizing cost of validation and disruption to operations.”

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