Pulp & Paper

Managing Your Mills for Greater Profitability

You need to meet the challenges of global competition, higher production costs and increasingly stringent environmental standards. That means streamlining manufacturing processes while minimizing water, energy and material costs; improving product quality, productivity and capacity while reducing downtime.

Executing real-time control and maintaining critical process parameters means you can respond to diverse customer demands. Our dedicated industry team will apply specific application and process experience to create control solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Increase Productivity and Reliability

To be successful in the global forest products marketplace, you must achieve higher levels of optimization. Rockwell Automation is well positioned to provide the expertise you need to achieve your goals - from solutions for the wood yard through finishing and shipping. We will apply our products, solutions and support to your most pressing challenges. Together, we can engineer custom solutions for your new projects or for existing installations. And because you want the same level of quality support everywhere, we have placed our resources around the globe to serve you.

  • Consulting Services

    Our consulting services are focused on helping you improve your operations — whether it's increasing machine speed and productivity or improving machine tension control and product quality. Consulting services may include investigation of the present machine operation, supporting calculations and evaluation of web transport, and geometry components. We document our observations and provide concise solutions and recommendations to meet your needs.

  • Application and Design Engineering

    To meet your application requirements, our engineers are located worldwide to provide innovative material transport, web handling and production management solutions. Design engineers have a wide skill and experience set ranging from drive, motion and machine control to automation and HMI systems across many industries.

  • Integrated Architecture

    Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture — the only integrated control and information system that runs discrete, motion, process, batch, drive systems and safety applications — enables peak performance. And extends your performance gains with open, real-time information exchange across your enterprise. With the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture, you can use a single, coordinated infrastructure for the entire range of control and information disciplines.

  • Process Control Solutions

    Reduce your process solution development time and cost by harnessing the power of the PlantPAx Process Automation System and our proven expertise in implementing systems that meet unique requirements. Our process solutions are designed to help you respond more quickly to customer or market demands, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and easily gain access to plant and production data from business systems for better management decision-making.

  • Installation Services

    Installation services range from electrical drawing packages through complete turnkey solutions. These installation services can reduce your project management load and provide a single source for coordination.

  • Commissioning

    To ensure a smooth startup, our engineers will work closely with you to prepare a project plan, hold a pre-installation meeting, verify the installation, set-up the hardware, integrate the system and provide production coverage. Our experienced engineers will help ensure that projects start up on time and on budget.

  • Project Management

    Our project management process is designed to deliver a solution that helps with meeting your schedule requirements, provides the functionality you expect and helps to minimizes outage time.

  • Services & Support

    Offering industry and technology-specific expertise to address your unique challenges, we can help you reduce project risk and provide solutions specific to your needs – executed globally and supported locally.