Automotive Industry

An evolving automotive industry landscape is requiring new approaches to automotive manufacturing across the supply chain.


Entertainment Industry

Whether you're controlling a roller coaster racing at 120 miles per hour, protecting an investment in valuable exotic creatures, or providing secure transportation to ski runs, our components and systems meet your automation challenges to increase your safety, reliability and profitability.

Fibers & Textiles

Fibers and Textiles Industry

As an expert in the textiles industry, we offer a range of solutions specifically for fiber and textiles manufacturing that can improve your operation at every point by:

Food & Beverage

Beverage Industry

Industry consolidation. Global competition. Increasing government regulations and changing customer preferences. These market forces drive the continual evolution of the beverage industry and dramatically impact your manufacturing and business strategy.

Household & Personal Care

Household and Personal Care Industry

Rockwell Automation understands the challenges you face, from increased competition through introducing new products and keeping existing customers happy. With over a century of experience in manufacturing we’ve helped manufacturers find groundbreaking ways to make better products.


Infrastructure Industry

To meet your challenges of global competition, higher costs and increasingly stringent environmental standards, you need to increase throughput and efficiency while you minimize material costs, and achieve high reliability within tight deadlines.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Industry

Faced with tumultuous times, Life Sciences companies are looking to partner strategically to succeed and grow. Rockwell Automation can be that partner.


Marine Industry

Operational demands are placing enormous pressure on you to optimize reliability and safety while reducing the size and weight of equipment.


Metals Industry

The steel industry has undergone monumental changes, and the future promises to be even more dynamic — requiring you to become more efficient to address global competition and changing technologies.

Mining, Minerals & Cement

Mining, Minerals and Cement Industry

Our smart, safe and sustainable production solutions automate mines and processes to increase throughput and lower operating costs – from your extraction site through your processing plant.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Industry

No matter what your focus is in the oil and gas supply chain, from exploration through delivery, our in-depth knowledge of automation, industry expertise and extensive partner network help you apply integrated information, control, power and safety solutions to respond to global demand for affordable energy, meet stringent government regulations and drive down costs.

Power Generation

Power Generation Industry

As a leading provider of industrial automation, power, control, optimization and information solutions, our mission is help electric power producers navigate the technology, engineering and design challenges associated with new or upgraded control systems.

Print & Publishing

Print and Publishing Industry

Run your print operation more profitably, our solutions help you compete effectively in this media-intensive era from pressroom, mailroom and finishing to editorial offices.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp and Paper Industry

Executing real-time control and maintaining critical process parameters means you can respond to diverse customer demands. Our dedicated industry team will apply specific application and process experience to create control solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Semiconductor & Electronics

Semiconductor and Electronics Industry

With demand in the semiconductor industry for low-cost, high-volume, flexible manufacturing, you need leading-edge automation and information technology solutions that help your customers meet their business and technical goals.

Tire & Rubber

Tire and Rubber Industry

To overcome big challenges means finding solutions that span the tire design, development and production processes so you can produce tires more efficiently while consuming less energy and reducing waste.

Water Wastewater

Water Wastewater Industry

Your customers evaluate water purification projects on initial capital costs and long-term operating costs. We can help you lower both.