Solutions Tackle Global Competition and Changing Technology

Learn how modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES)can help solve metals industry challenges.The steel industry has undergone monumental changes, and the future promises to be even more dynamic — requiring you to become more efficient to address global competition and changing technologies.

The continuing evolution of materials and process technologies has created a need for a new approach. Our dedicated industry team will apply specific application and process experience to create control solutions that will enable you to execute real-time control and maintain critical process parameters to respond to diverse customer demands.

For applications in primary or secondary production areas, these solutions help produce higher quality products with consistent metallurgical properties, while boosting yields and minimizing energy costs to reduce your cost-per-ton.


Our dedicated industry team has the experience, process knowledge, products, services and solutions to meet your growing requirements in stamping, forming and fabricating. Learn more about metalforming.

Modernize Metals Production with MES

The modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can help solve metals industry challenges.

Learn how MES can solve your challenges.

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Modernize Metals Production with MES

Learn how modern MES can help metal/steel manufacturers address production challenges.

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