Manufacturing Solutions to Build a Better Automotive Enterprise

New manufacturing approaches are needed across your supply chain. You need to globally connect your enterprise, integrate flexible manufacturing processes to accommodate multiple models at the same facility, and gain better insight into your manufacturing operations.

Rockwell Automation can help you develop manufacturing velocity strategies so you can implement business process improvements, increase access to real-time production information and improve supply chain integration across your enterprise.

Connected Enterprise

Rockwell Automation automotive MES solutions can help your business more easily share production data across plants and global business systems for better decision making and competitive advantage.

Risk Management

Coordination of multiple vendors and thousands of data points drives risk management. Rockwell Automation solutions improve information flow between different facilities and production areas to minimize risk.

Integrated Information

Read examples of MES/MOM systems implemented by Rockwell Automation that can help you optimize manufacturing operations, cut ERP integration costs, maximize uptime and provide integration to other parts of the automotive supply chain.

Customer Spotlight

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Mercedes-Benz U.S.

Watch this video and learn how Rockwell Automation helps Mercedes-Benz U.S. International grow in the Automotive Industry.

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