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Our dedicated industry team has the experience, process knowledge, products, services and solutions to help you meet the demanding and growing requirements in stamping, forming and fabricating.

While many metalforming presses use different control platforms for each press subsystem — requiring press operators and maintenance personnel to be trained on varying technology and user interfaces — our metalforming automation systems allows you to upgrade pressroom controls to a single open controller platform to reduce training and maintenance requirements and improve operational efficiency.

Metalforming SolutionsRockwell Automation applies the most trusted industrial control brands available today in our automation solutions.


Industry Leading Press Control Systems — StamPro

Customers StamPro is an engineered press control system assembled, programmed, tested, and ready to install. Available as a standard or custom system, Rockwell Automation StamPro Systems help:

  • Meet OSHA and ANSI regulations
  • Reduce cost, system development and installation time
  • Reduce downtime through alarms and diagnostic messages
  • Reduce risk through the use of standard software modules and field proven designs
  • OEMs gain a competitive advantage
Basic Press Control Systems — Compact PressMaster

Compact PressMaster is a standard press control system offering clutch/brake, automation and motor controls in a press mountable, NEMA industrial enclosure. Compact PressMaster offers:

  • Reduced cost without sacrificing functionality
  • Competitive solution for OEMs, rebuilders, and end users
  • Flexibility and expandability
Tandem Line Control — TandemMaster™

The TandemMaster™ is a pre-engineered line monitor and supervisory system designed to optimize and synchronize multiple press tandem lines. The system provides tools for production and managerial personnel to help improve line speed and productivity.


AxisMaster™ systems reduce downtime and setup time and increases productivity through the integration of all motion control functions for press and inter-press feeds and part handling systems.

Servo Transfer Feed — STFPro™

Servo Transfer Feed Systems provide increased flexibility in die design as well as improved throughput when compared to older mechanically driven transfer systems. Servo Transfer Feed Systems:

  • Provide configurable motion profiles that can be adapted to each die's specific needs.
  • Offer a "Smooth Profile" motion path with reduced jerk that increases machine longevity
  • Increase process throughput
Flat Metal Lines — FeederPro™

Feeder Pro is an "off the shelf" solution for press feed control. Rockwell Automation Flat Metal Line Systems provide a global solution for blanking lines. Flat Metal Lines and Feeder Pro Systems provide:

  • Coil inertia compensation for better control of back tension
  • Turnkey or component solutions
  • Off-the-shelf components that reduce training and inventory needs
Hydraulic Press Controls

Rockwell Automation systems can be designed to control almost any hydraulic press application. This engineered solution provides complete press control, including motor controls, operator interface, die cushion control, and any special control requirements to:

  • Help meet ANSI B11.2 and CSA Z142-02 regulations
  • Provide users with reliable and easy to maintain controls that support reduced downtime
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