Metalforming - Stamping

Flexible Systems for Metal Stamping, Forming and Fabricating

Metalforming - Stamping Press line production runs today are smaller and changeovers are numerous. Manufacturers are demanding flexible systems that help increase productivity and safety. Flexible, agile and smart automation systems are becoming critical differentiators in today’s challenging market.

Our solutions deliver improved press production capabilities and reduced total cost of ownership. Our experience, process knowledge, products and services can help you meet the demanding and growing requirements in automotive stamping, forming and fabricating.

  • Safety and Productivity
  • Pre-engineered Solutions

With the industry’s widest portfolio of integrated safety solutions and products, we can help improve operator safety and press machine safety while also improving productivity.

Integrated Architecture can help you consolidate diverse technologies into a single platform; integrate safety, motion and sequential control; and communicate directly with ancillary equipment and plant-wide systems.

The flexibility of the Logix platform allows for easy setup and changeover times for stamping press optimization while Kinetix integrated motion offers improved safety and precise tension control for press automation systems.

Flexible Manufacturing

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Integrate flexible equipment and tooling to quickly and easily adjust for different product variations and sizes on the same production line.


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Protect and improve your manufacturing operations to help ensure consumer and workforce safety.

Customer Spotlight: Toyota

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Rockwell Automation Solution Partner AND Automation designs and deploys robust, flexible solution to improve press shop transfer system up time.

Manufacturing Optimization:
Drive Continuous Improvement

Manufacturing Optimization: Drive Continuous Improvement

Minimize production costs and maintain profitability with a more efficient operation.

Integrated Architecture

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Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture helps provide the safety and communication infrastructure, processing performance and data structures necessary to achieve desired manufacturing throughput, coordination and quality.

Our PartnerNetwork

Our PartnerNetwork

The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork framework comprises an integrated team of system integrators, OEMs and best-in-class suppliers who work collaboratively to solve manufacturing and automation challenges.