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Improve Your Manufacturing Velocity

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Faster launches. Frequent refreshes. Increased change options. Getting vehicles to market faster and more profitably is critical.

This means initiating manufacturing velocity strategies and solutions that enable you to deliver the right products, at the right time and with the right quality.

Manufacturing velocity encompasses three main components:

  • Having the right infrastructure in place
  • Producing information in the right form factor, for the right people and at the right time
  • Employing a highly skilled, multi-talented workforce

InfrastructureFlexible manufacturing requires an enterprise-wide infrastructure.  Equally important is a business system that provides a real-time window into your manufacturing operations.

An information-enabled control and information system that utilizes EtherNet/IP™ can help you more easily move toward the use of a single network, streamline multiple disciplines and applications into a single package, and help enable secure and easy flow of production data.
A manufacturing execution system (MES) should also be integrated into your enterprise and plant-floor operations to help you synchronize your manufacturing tasks, quality procedures and inventory movements throughout production.

Fundamentals of Manufacturing Velocity

Free tutorial on how you can respond to customer demand more quickly and get to market faster without hurting the bottom line.

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