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Presenting the Latest Automation Technologies

The forums at the 2016 Automation Fair® event featured examples and concepts that different manufacturers have used to increase their productivity and improve the efficiency of their business. These forums focused on how they: 

  • Strive to reduce product development cycles to maximize sales opportunities
  • Look for ways to reduce production costs and meet ever-changing global regulatory requirements while producing a wide variety of consistently high-quality products
  • Adopt new strategies and the latest automation technologies in order to survive


2016 Session Materials Are Now Available for Download

Download the 2016 Automation Fair event industry forum materials using the Automation Fair event mobile app and desktop portal.

Automotive & Tire

Automotive & Tire Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

The automotive and tire industries remain strong as manufacturers continue to invest in new technologies and plants. Increasing consolidation, industry regulations and consumer demand require new manufacturing approaches – across the supply chain – to remain profitable.

This forum focused on how industry peers are successfully implementing integrated control and information systems to improve their operations and thrive in a global economy.


Chemical Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

The chemical industry is projected to grow through 2020 even outpacing the overall U.S. economy. Driven by strong demand and low inputs costs along with increased global competitiveness of US manufacturers, many companies are expanding operations and improving processes.

This forum featured industry experts discussing market outlook and trends and best practices from world class plants focused on plant-wide control and optimization to drive productivity, reduce costs, and drive efficiency in this rapidly expanding market.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

Food and beverage manufacturers face a challenging environment driven by consumer demand requiring greater innovation and speed to market; while managing operating cost and efficiency. This is all compounded by greater regulatory pressures.

This forum discussed how leading companies are reaping the benefits of a Connected Enterprise and driving operational excellence and financial value in the food and beverage industries.

Global Machine & Equipment Builders (OEMs)

Global Machine & Equipment Builders (OEMs) Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

OEMs are challenged to continuously innovate and stay competitive. As more end users move to a Connected Enterprise to optimize their production and supply chain, they want added value beyond the machinery or equipment.

This forum featured how leading machine and equipment builders are capitalizing on this opportunity and are positioning themselves and their customers for greater success.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

Global life science companies face new challenges: innovation demands, speed to market, regulatory pressures and operational efficiency. Leaders in this industry are adopting new business models that deliver better patient outcomes at a lower cost.

The forum showcased how leading companies are using integrated information and control technology to meet their operational challenges.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

Oil and gas companies strive for more efficient operations throughout their supply chains. Greater adoption of automation and information technology and associated services can help achieve operational excellence goals.

This forum provided an opportunity to hear how petroleum companies are using advanced automation and information technology to meet their operational challenges while maintaining focus on improving production efficiencies.

Power & Energy

Power & Energy Management Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

From a “dash to gas” to regulation CWA 316B, the power and energy industries are dynamic. The effective use of technology will help improve both the effective generation and the efficient use of what’s produced.

In this forum, leading companies and industry experts demonstrated how they manage these challenges and use information and automation to achieve a competitive advantage.

Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

The pulp and paper industry has been going through a significant transformation in the past few years. In a highly competitive global environment and limited skilled workforce, companies strive for more efficient and sustainable operations throughout their supply chains.

This forum provided an opportunity to hear how the companies are innovating and using new technologies to achieve operational excellence and environmental sustainability.

Water Wastewater

Water Wastewater Forum at the 2016 Automation Fair Event

Globally, water treatment facilities are facing unprecedented concerns. For decades, the infrastructure has been able to handle and meet the demands of society; but today, aging infrastructure, growing population and urban sprawl are stretching treatment facilities beyond capacity.

In this forum, water industry professionals discussed industry trends and issues, the benefits of deploying a flexible and scalable solution, and methods to help reduce total life cycle cost and overall risk.