ESC Services, Inc.

A Leading Lockout-Tagout Service Provider

ESC Services, Inc.Rockwell Automation, Inc. has acquired ESC Services, Inc., a global hazardous energy control provider of lockout-tagout services and solutions.

ESC Services develops and installs equipment-specific lockout-tagout procedures featuring custom graphics and safety workflows. Lockout-tagout is a safety procedure that is used to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut down and not restarted before maintenance and service work is completed. It requires hazardous power sources to be isolated and rendered inoperative before any repair procedure is started.

ESC’s unique methodology utilizes QR codes that can be scanned to obtain asset information and streamline compliance with internal safety policy and regulatory compliance. All lockout-tagout safety program performance and regulatory metrics are stored in a cloud-enabled solution that allow you to input and access data with a mobile device, even when off line. This comprehensive lockout-tagout program can be implemented quickly and accurately while training employees and providing the necessary tools to maintain the system internally for years.

The addition of ESC Services to Rockwell Automation adds safety to our growing portfolio of data-driven, cloud-enabled services, while helping you increase asset utilization and strengthen enterprise risk management.