Pre-engineered Network Solutions

Build a Secure, Robust, Future-ready Network for Your Connected Enterprise

Deploying a modern network has its challenges: working with multiple vendors, staying on schedule, and meeting security needs. Our pre-engineered network solutions can help. We design them for industrial use, with technology from our top IT partners including Cisco, Panduit, EMC², and VMWare. We ship them pre-assembled and pre-configured to help save time and money during commissioning.

Industrial Data Center

Simplify Your Transition to Virtualization

Reduced server footprint. Extended application longevity. Improved system availability and recovery. These are just some of the reasons why more industrial organizations are adopting virtualization. However, designing and building a virtualized infrastructure from the ground up can be costly, complex, and time-consuming. You need to design the system and procure equipment from multiple vendors before you can fabricate, test, and commission it.

The Industrial Data Center (IDC) can greatly ease your move to a virtualized environment. The IDC is a scalable and pre-engineered infrastructure. It includes all the hardware you need to run multiple operating systems and applications off virtualized servers. We ship you the IDC pre-assembled and pre-configured. We will even send a Rockwell Automation professional to your facility to help commission it. With included TechConnect℠ remote support services, you can rest assured you have access to technical support needed to keep your network running efficiently.

Not sure where to begin? Our Network Services team combines industrial automation and IT expertise. From design to network management, we offer a range of consulting services.

Industrial Network Distribution Solution

Reduce Complexity and Risk When Designing or Expanding Your Network

Whether you are expanding your existing network or implementing a new one, you want to keep the project on schedule and within budget. You also must ensure your network can effectively and reliably meet your production demands.

The Industrial Network Distribution Solution (INDS 2000) can help you address these challenges by consolidating design, commissioning, and industrial environmental protection into a pre-engineered network-distribution package. The INDS 2000 provides secure connectivity between the control room and manufacturing floor. It allows the ideal placement of critical network switching resources in the harsh plant floor environment. This standard package, based on Cisco and Panduit network architecture, meets Converged Plant-wide Ethernet (CPwE) standards and industrial environmental requirements. With included TechConnect remote support services, you can rest assured you have access to technical support needed to keep your network running efficiently.

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