Ironcore and Ironless Linear Servo Motors

Linear Motor Products

The Most Complete Linear Motor Product Line from the People Who Invented Them

Linear Motor

Direct drive linear motors have high force density, high stiffness, enable extremely smooth velocity control and require minimal maintenance.

Rockwell Automation manufactures both zero-cogging ironless linear motor products as well as high-force iron-core linear motor products. To meet the most demanding specifications, some of our linear motor offerings can be made vacuum compatible, we have a linear motor capable of 25 g acceleration and speeds to 6 m/s; air and water cooled linear motor options; plus a variety of windings and custom-built linear motor designs for unique applications.

Iron Core Linear Motor Products

Iron-core linear motor products provide actuation forces from 30 N (7 lbf) continuous to over 11,000 N (2,500lbf) peak. Their elegant two-part linear motor construction features a 3-phase laminated coil and a single sided magnet track consisting of rare-earth magnets mounted on a rigid steel base plate. They deliver excellent performance in rapid point-to-point positioning applications while virtually eliminating the efficiency-robbing effects of friction, inertia, backlash and wear associated with rotary-to-linear drive mechanisms.

Ironless Linear Motor Products

Ironless linear motor products provide actuation forces from 8 N (2 lbf) continuous to nearly 2,000 N (450 lbf) peak. The two-piece linear motor assembly features a 3-phase ironless coil and a balanced dual-sided "U" shaped magnet channel. Their ironless coil design eliminates cogging (magnetic detent) and makes them the optimal choice for extremely consistent velocity control in scanning-type applications and allows them to achieve the highest levels of positioning accuracy, repeatability and resolution.