Engineered-to-Order Systems

Customized Motion Control Solutions

Anorad Engineered to Order Systems

Anorad is the industry leader in developing customized motion control solutions for the most challenging precision positioning applications.

  • Anorad's diverse product portfolio gives system designers a wide assortment of motion control technologies to build from
  • Our experienced applications engineers help specify the optimal motion solution, and can model system dynamics to ensure performance prior to manufacture
  • When it just hasn't been done before, Anorad can take the "blank sheet of paper approach" to come up with a unique solution to your application challenges
  • Customer communication is vital to ETO system engineering and a comprehensive design review is held at several critical phases of the development process
  • Dedicated Program Engineers manage each project from inception to installation providing all the support needed to keep the project on time, on spec, and on budget
  • Anorad has over 30 years of precision equipment manufacturing and unrivaled expertise in cleanroom assembly, vacuum preparation, performance verification and technical support

Please bear in mind that what appears in the following section are NOT catalog products with published specifications, prices and lead times. The ETO systems illustrate the many creative ways in which our standard building block products or 'blue-sky' ideas have been conceptualized and manufactured to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers demanding the world's

Anorad's Engineered-to-Order Capabilities: