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Smarter Safety Control

Smarter Safety ControlHarnessing the power of operational, tactical and strategic safety data can substantially improve safety compliance and performance.

The Connected Enterprise enables this, empowering engineers with a real-time understanding of worker behaviours, machinery compliance, causes of safety shutdowns or stoppages and safety anomalies and trends.

So how can safety professionals use The Connected Enterprise to replicate the benefits already seen on the operations side to drive safety performance improvement? It begins with the use of contemporary safety technologies that combine machinery and safety control into one platform.

Key Benefits: Access To Safety-System Data, Including:

  • Smarter Safety ControlDevice status
  • Event Sequences
  • Operational status
  • Stoppage codes
  • Error or fault codes
  • Event counters or timers
  • Notification of safety logic changes

These hands on workshops are designed for engineers to learn how to harness the data available in the scalable safety control within the Rockwell Automation Safety Product Portfolio.

From smart devices to smart controllers to smart contextualised dashboards - our TÜV Functional Safety Engineers will show you how to configure and harness the power of safety control systems and operational, tactical and strategic safety data.