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Thank you for joining us at ADIPEC 2016 To Discuss Your Oil And Gas ChallengesThank you for joining us at ADIPEC 2016 in Abu Dhabi 

To Discuss Your Oil And Gas Challenges

As the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, we were delighted to participate at this year’s Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC). The largest oil and gas event outside of North America was held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 7-10 November 2016.

World energy leaders, government officials, decision makers, and more than 100,000 oil and gas trade professionals from 125 countries geared up for ADIPEC 2016 to address the imminent challenges and opportunities facing the petroleum sector, including the vital need to drive operational efficiency in a rapidly changing energy landscape.

“In the current oil and gas market, our customers need enhanced access to data for improved decision making, resulting in productivity enhancements. At ADIPEC, we were able to exclusively showcase how our ConnectedProduction solution allows for delivery of information from upstream production assets to midstream and downstream facilities”, said Thony Brito, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East, Rockwell Automation. “We can now cover the complete scope of automation for oil and gas producers and can help with several areas of production automation including artificial lift, chemical injection systems, power control, measurement, as well as turbomachinery and pump controls.”

There’s no doubt that oil and gas will continue to have an important role to play, but it’s also clear that with new fracking methods, ever more stringent regulatory frameworks and global commitments to more sustainable sources of energy, the Middle East’s traditional resource providers in oil and gas are under more pressure than ever before. This has all led to a change in focus for oil and gas producers who are looking less towards investment in expansion and operational growth and turning instead to improving efficiency through optimisation.

Whatever your challenges, we have the oil and gas equipment and resources, as well as the industry knowledge and experience to help.

 Thank You For Joining Us At ADIPEC 2016Are You Facing These Challenges?

  • Improving bottom line is critical! How can I make sure my assets are performing efficiently?
  • No one wants downtime; it's too costly. But what am I doing to prevent it?
  • Am I achieving industry-leading equipment performance (OEE) with my current assets?
  • Am I able to address costly and damaging risks to my business?

The opportunities for improving existing plant in the data-driven age are extensive. The tools at the disposal of the most forward looking companies include, for example, process surveillance technologies, data analysis engines and applications, and workflow optimisation techniques.

And that’s just the beginning – new controls, drives, and safety enabled technologies play a part, while remote management of assets becomes a reality. Importantly, all of these tools can be comprehensively connected at enterprise-level collaboration platforms.

These platforms leverage open-source communications protocols to offer real-time and historical information for improved decision making from any number of unique or generic resources throughout the plant and well into the supply chain.

To find out more, visit our Oil and Gas Solutions website.