The Connected Enterprise

Make Smart Manufacturing Work for You

Smart manufacturing is the gateway to digital transformation. Connected smart devices open new windows of visibility into processes. Data and analytics enable better and faster decision making. Seamless connectivity spurs new collaboration.

The Connected Enterprise makes all this possible. It converges plant-level and enterprise networks, and securely connects people, processes, and technologies.

Smart Manufacturing

Discover How to Bring the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to Life

Smart manufacturing and industrial operations embrace a new way forward. This new direction is highly-connected and knowledge-enabled, where devices and processes are connected, monitored, and optimized.

Smart operations require the use of new and disruptive technologies, from analytics and mobile to collaborative machines. These technologies communicate with each other and adapt to internal and external conditions. They also require new strategies that make the most of these technologies to create flexible, efficient, responsive, and secure operations.

Learn how new technologies and strategies can help you create smart, secure operations.

Demystifying Digital Transformation

Context and Critical Insights Enable Action for Improved Enterprise Performance

The digital transformation of your entire value chain, from components to systems and from suppliers to customers, is the key to hidden value. This transformation can make a significant contribution to the productivity, quality, compliance, and profitability of your enterprise. 

The digital transformation of your organization to create a connected enterprise is not an event but a journey, and it requires executive support and continuous effort. It will transform not just manufacturing and industrial operations, but company culture.

About two-thirds of manufacturing executives believe the IIoT will increase profitability in the next five years.

MPI Internet of Things Study

Case Studies

Many organizations are already making The Connected Enterprise a reality. They converge networks to create a common production platform, and gain unprecedented access to data. They see real business results, that include:

  • Productivity increases of 4 to 5 percent per year
  • Waste reductions that result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings
  • Faster time to market, which includes plants that become operational in weeks instead of months
  • Quality improvements that result in defects being cut in half
  • On-time delivery increases from 82 percent to 98 percent

See how organizations turn their connected enterprise journeys into success stories.

Enabling The Connected Enterprise

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